Sewer Pump Station

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Sewer Pump Stations, also known as ‘lift stations’, comprises a large tank, which is known as wet well and a network of pipes. The function of Sewer Pump Station is to carry away the sewage from the household and commercial property to the main sewers. Usually, the network of pipes mainly depends on the gravity of the sewage to flow into the main sewer. However, if the residential, commercial, or industrial property is based in a low-lying area where the main sewer is on the high ground level, the sewage then needs to be transported into the main sewers in a different way. This is where the Sewer Pump Station comes into action; it transports the sewage that is collected in the wet well to higher elevations. The wet well acts as a receiver that receives sewage from individual houses, groups of buildings, and commercial and industrial properties. The sewage received from the residential and commercial property gets accumulated and sits in the wet well until it reaches a fixed level. Once the sewage reaches the fixed level, the sewage pump kicks in and pressurizes the sewage in the tank. The pressure on the sewage makes it flow out of the wet well and travel to a point where it enters the main sewer.

Sewer Pump Station

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The need for Sewer Pump Station arises when;

  • The discharge outlets are below the level of the receiving body
  • The sewer line passes over a ridge
  • Gravity system has not been built
  • Basement floors are too low to allow the passage of sewage by gravity
  • Cost of groundworks is high

If you are planning to get Sewer Pump Station installed for your property and looking for the best and experienced Sewer Pump Station Installation team, look no further and hire the professionals at Redshaw. The professionals at Redshaw will use their decades of experience and provide you with intuitive solutions to solve your sewage treatment problems.

When installing a lift station, it is crucial for you to consider the following things:

  • Selecting the right size of the chamber and the material 
  • Number of pumps you will require for the lift station
  • The kind of internal access to the lift station required after installation
  •  The type of waste will be processed
  • Control systems

Based on your specific requirements and needs, the Redshaw team will help you to make the right choice. Redshaw offers the finest quality equipment, as well as we can customize our solutions to suit your property needs and budget while also making sure that you keep compliant with the regulations.

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Sewer Pump Station Installation

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When you choose the Redshaw Plumbing and Drainage team for Sewer Pump Station installation for your property, we will take time to understand your needs and requirements and the usage, which will help you to take action to combat potential issues like fat building and blockages in future after installing the system. 

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