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Aqualine Steel Liner Water Tanks

Variety of Applications

Aqualine tanks are perfect for large capacity water storage for home, commercial, rural and fire fighting applications. View the wide range of available colours here.

On Site Installation

Aqualine tanks are assembled and installed on site by trained professionals to ensure their structural integrity.

Large Capacity

Available form 22,500L to a huge 363,000L capacity. Extended life with galvanised protection and an Aqualine Polytough® tank liner.

Aqualine Steel Liner Water Tank Dimensions

Capacity Diameter
22,500L 3.61m 2.28m 5.61m ASL22.5
32,000L 4.33m 2.28m 6.33m ASL32
44,000L 5.06m 2.28m 7.06m ASL44
58,000L 5.78m 2.28m 7.78m ASL58
73,000L 6.51m 2.28m 8.51m ASL73
90,000L 7.22m 2.28m 9.22m ASL90
110,000L 7.96m 2.28m 9.96m ASL110
130,000L 8.68m 2.28m 10.68m ASL130
152,000L 9.40m 2.28m 11.40m ASL152
177,000L 10.13m 2.28m 12.13m ASL177
203,000L 10.85m 2.28m 12.85m ASL203
230,000L 11.57m 2.28m 13.57m ASL230
260,000L 12.30m 2.28m 14.30m ASL260
292,000L 13.02m 2.28m 15.02m ASL292
325,000L 13.74m 2.28m 15.74m ASL325
363,000L 14.46m 2.28m 16.46m ASL363

Colour Options

A variety of colours are available to suit your existing or desired style


With a Rainwater Tank Package


Save with a Rainwater Tank Package

In the past having a rainwater tank installed would involve coordinating several trades and services, which can be a headache to say the least!

With a Redshaw Rainwater Tank Package it only takes a single phone call! We will take care of the supply, delivery, and install of the tank and pump, as well as the earthworks and tank base.

Hassle Free - One Stop Shop



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Why Do We Recommend Bushmans Tanks?

Bushman Tanks is the leading manufacturer of water tanks, rainwater tanks and industrial tanks in Australia.

Their extensive range of products includes quality storage solutions and tank accessories for a variety of different applications in rural, industrial and urban settings.

UV Protection

Poly tanks live longer due to Sunsmart® technology.

Free Delivery

Poly tank free delivery within Bushmans free delivery zone.


Bushmans tanks come with a 5 or 10 year guarantee.


Attractive design and extreme durability.

Australian Owned

Manufactured and operated.

1300 377 191