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With a Rain Water Tank Package

Save with a Rain Water Tank Package

In the past having a rain water tank installed would involve coordinating several trades and services, which can be a headache to say the least!

With a Redshaw Rain Water Tank Package it only takes a single phone call! We will take care of the supply, delivery, and install of the tank and pump, as well as the earthworks and tank base.

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Water is the most valuable natural resource, which is necessary for the survival of life on Earth. Nowadays, the growing world population and the effects of climate change are putting immense pressure on the world’s natural resources, which cannot be ignored. The only solution to this problem is conserving water. The purest form of water that we receive in the form of rainwater, should be utilized to the fullest extent possible. Are you looking for ways to conserve rainwater? Call Redshaw Plumbing and Drainage team and get premium quality Rainwater tank installed by them. 

Is it worth installing a Rainwater tank?

A Rainwater tank enables you to collect and store the running rainwater from the roof of your house, through a network of pipes, and use it for various purposes like laundry, flushing toilets, washing the car and watering your garden. An increasing number of households, as well as property owners, are installing Rainwater tanks. 

Still, thinking of why you should install a Rainwater tank? Below stated are a few good reasons people install Rainwater tanks and the benefits this choice brings with it. 

  • Reducing dependency on mains water 

By using the water collected in the Rainwater tanks for at least some of our water requirements, you can reduce your dependency on mains water use by at least  70%. This will not only reduce your water bills but also save you money.


  • Water restrictions

Once you have installed the rainwater tank, you don’t have to worry about water shortages. You can use the water collected in the Rainwater tank as a backup when there are water restrictions. It will ensure that you are less affected by any water restrictions that are put in place due to the need to protect community water supplies from overuse or during drought. Call Redshaw Plumbing and Drainage team to install a Rainwater tank so that you no longer have to compromise on watering your garden, washing your car or topping up the pool. 

  • Qualify for Rainwater tank rebates

Using rainwater can bring economic benefits too. In some suburbs, Government Departments have introduced cash-back rebate plans for the ones who install a rainwater tank. 

  • Environmental Considerations

By installing the Rainwater tank,  you can reduce the impact of stormwater runoff in your area, which can affect the neighboring areas. 

Choose Redshaw Plumbing For Rainwater Tank Installation

Are you looking for a professional Rainwater tank installation team? Look no further for Redshaw plumbing professionals who have the knowledge, skills, and experience you are looking for. All you have to do is call our team and we will take care of the supply, delivery, rainwater tank installation and pump, as well as the earthworks and tank base. We offer you the prices that match your budget. Are you worried if you will have to compromise on the quality of the services and products? Don’t worry, trust the plumbing professionals at Redshaw.

Bring comfort to your space with the excellent services offered by Redshaw Plumbing and Drainage team.

Bushmans Rainwater Tanks
Bushmans Rainwater Tanks
Bushmans Rainwater Tanks

Why Do We Recommend Bushmans Tanks?

Bushman Tanks is the leading manufacturer of water tanks, rain water tanks and industrial tanks in Australia.

Their extensive range of products includes quality storage solutions and tank accessories for a variety of different applications in rural, industrial and urban settings.

Browse The Bushmans Range

Poly Rainwater Tank

Poly Rain Water Tanks

Steel Rainwater Tank

Aqualine Steel Liner Rain Water Tanks

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