Backflow Testing

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Do you want to prevent the drinking water from getting contaminated and protect the health and quality of life? Then, Backflow Testing and installation of Backflow Prevention devices is essential. In the past, many dysentery and typhoid outbreaks were the end result of contamination of water, which has occurred because of the Backflow of water. Normally, the drinking water flows from the source via pressurized water faucets to your tap only in one direction but sometimes, it can flow in the opposite direction, which is called “Backflow”. When the pressure drops in the water supply system, it causes the water to flow in the reverse direction and eventually, it contaminates the drinking water. 

Backflow Testing

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Backflow is a huge trouble and therefore, it is not only highly recommended by the plumbers but also it is a regulation that whether it is your business or home, all must perform a Backflow Testing at their household or commercial property to prevent backflow and to ensure that there is no backflow happening. One can never be sure of when backflow is going to happen and therefore, it is vital to conduct backflow testing done annually. It is a compulsion that Backflow Testing needs to be performed only by the certified plumbing professionals. Do you need plumbing experts to get your Backflow Testing carried out? Without any hesitation, get in touch with experienced and talented plumbing specialists at Redshaw. 

Our licensed and authorized plumbing specialists will reach out to you to get backflow testing accomplished in a short period of time. This process hardly takes 20-30 minutes to finish. However, it is of paramount importance for the safety of your health as well as others. While conducting the Backflow testing, in order to ensure that there are no violations of the code and it meets the expected standards, the plumbing specialist open and close the valves to check for any irregularities or defects, and then a report will be submitted to the authority.

Want to install the right Backflow Prevention devices for your property?

Do you want to install the right Backflow Prevention devices for your property? Call Redshaw’s expert plumbers to install the backflow prevention devices. The Government backflow prevention policy states that all the properties that are connected to public water supply system must comply with the current Australian Standards for backflow prevention, and it should be checked to determine the level of hazard – High Hazard, Medium Hazard, and Low Hazard, that the property presents to the water supply system. 

It is also extremely important for a plumber to install the right backflow prevention device because if the faulty one is installed, it can cause serious damage to your water supply, with the addition of further problems.

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To protect the quality of water and to maintain the integrity of the distribution system, backflow prevention policies should be applied and monitored as a preventive measure. Call the team of licensed plumbers at Redshaw Plumbing and Drainage for specialized backflow testing and prevention today.

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