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Water Tanks Ipswich

With the changes in climate patterns, water tanks have become a necessary addition to most properties. The effects of such a drastic change have caused a reduction in rainfall over the years. The effect has been felt in a number of areas. In recent times, Australia has been the victim of harsh bush fires that have caused the loss of property and flora and fauna. The reduction in rainfall means that property owners, regardless of whether residential, industrial or commercial properties, need to be mindful of water solutions.

To secure sufficient water not only for drinking water purposes but also for housekeeping or manufacturing purposes, Redshaw’s variety of rainwater tanks have become an essential and cost-effective solution to the increasing water problems. When set up with a gutter system by our local water tank professionals, you can be able to collect water from the roof of your property. Capture all the runoff water from the roof by choosing from our wide variety of tanks. Another advantage of having this set up is the maintenance of your lawn and garden. Runoff tends to create furrows and rills in your lawn which may lead to you incurring higher costs when it comes to maintenance.

Interested in installing a water tank to your property? The experts at Redshaw Plumbing & Drainage are ready and available to offer their expert opinion on the type of tank most appropriate. There are a number of specifications that are always considered when choosing a water tank: tank size (in litres), material and topography of your property among others. The best water tanks specialists in Qld will help you select the best tank.

Professional Ipswich Qld Water tanks service

Just like any other structure on your residential, commercial or industrial property, before the installation of any rainwater tank on your property, there are a number of guidelines and approvals that should be followed or met. Relevant legislation and the Australian building code must be adhered to avoid any future conflicts with the relevant council authorities. Our local water tanks Ipswich Qld professionals at Redshaw Plumbing & Drainage team are right here ready to assist you with any information when it comes to such situations. According to the Queensland Building Act, the requirements for round water tanks varies with the installation of the slimline rainwater poly tank.

Having installed a water tank product in the area, we are aware of the regulations and approvals needed for the complete supply and installation of your slimline or round steel water tank. Contact us today and receive a free quote of our water tank services.

Residential Plumbing Services

Why choose Redshaw Plumbing & Drainage for supply and delivery of your water tanks in Qld?

  • Quality water tank products. As the local water tanks Brisbane and Ipswich professionals in the Queensland area, we supply the best water Australian tanks meant to meet your needs. Be it steel water tanks or poly water tanks, you are assured of the best quality when you call upon Redshaw Plumbing & Drainage.
  • Superior performance across a range of factors. Be its thermal stability, the value per litres, crack resistance or UV resistance, our steel and poly water tanks have proved to be a step above the competition.
  • Our complimentary rainwater tank services. A rainwater tanks comes with several other specifications for a complete service. From the installation of additional pipes, pumps and concrete foundation, you require a water tanks Australian team who can provide a comprehensive service. Servicing a broad number of property types in Australia, choose the leading company in the water tank and pumps installation for storage of those extra litres of water.

Rainwater storage options from large steel to slimline poly tanks and everything in between.

Save on your electricity bill and enjoy the benefits of a solar hot water system.

Redshaw Constructions offer wastewater treatment plants to suit the needs of a variety of property types and sizes.

Your Rain Water Tanks Ipswich Options

At Redshaw’s Plumbing & Drainage, we have a number of Australian water tanks which are repeatedly requested from us. We have chosen to outline two of our tanks which we have delivered to hundreds of homes, offices and industries in the area.

Poly water tanks

Poly tanks offer a number of benefits to you and your property. Despite other options available to you, poly tanks are a lightweight tank that makes it easy to the position; even in the most difficult of places. The poly plastic is also a malleable material with increased design possibilities for your tank. If in need of a specific round, slim or oblong-shaped poly water tank, simply contact the number one water tank professional company in Australia, Redshaw Plumbing & Drainage. You will be more than satisfied with our affordable prices and charges.

Steel water tanks

Our steel water tanks make use of advanced designs, consisting of modular parts that add to the tanks ease of transportation from our stores to your property and efficient transportation. With collaboration with our trusted and reliable partners, you are guaranteed a steel water tank product designed and manufactured that can withstand the harsh Australian weather elements and stand the test of time.

Looking for a trusted team in water tanks that Brisbane, Gatton, Toowoomba & Ipswich locals Trust?

The best in terms in water tanks are available for you at Redshaw Plumbing & Drainage. Another reason to choose your product from the leading water tank company in Queensland is the affordable prices of our tanks. Contact us today and receive a free quote for any tank from our wide variety of water tanks.

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