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Whilst On Site Service Specials

Take advantage of having our staff on site and snatch up one or more of our special ‘whilst on site’ deals. Find out what is included in each special here.

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Add on Service details

Emergency Plumber Ipswich
Replacing you tap washers can help save a lot of water and your precious dollars when those pesky quarterly bills come rolling around.

Take advantage of our onsite special to repair any of those dripping taps and save.
Maintenance Plumbing Services
Does your basin take a while for the water to go down the drain? Does it gurgle when you pull the plug from shaving?

Whilst onsite, we can conduct a drain health check which can save you money and the inconvenience of the drain completely blocking when you least expect.
Treatment Plant
Does your septic smell? Do you have a mini swamp where your septic trenches used to be?

Have one of our friendly tradesmen inspect your septic system to diagnose any issues early before your up for a complete replacement!
Bathroom Plumbing
Ever thought about the stainless flexi hoses under the sink or toilet? Small corrosion areas develop over time and failure can potentially result in flooding through the whole house, if they burst while you are out.

For $20 per hose, we can provide you with piece of mind knowing that your flexi hoses are safe for years to come.
Have you inspected your hot water system lately? Are there any drips or leaks around it? Does the temperature or pressure fluctuate during a shower?

When booking your next plumbing job with Redshaw, take advantage of our onsite special for hot water and we will conduct a health check on your system. This can save you money on energy and water bills, as well as helping to extend the life of the system.
Water Collection
It is storm season again, so it’s time to clean those gutters out!

Have Redshaw’s staff clean your gutters out when you book your next job. This is especially important if you live in a rural area and the only source of water is from above. Keeping clean gutters can drastically improve the quality of your water.
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