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What to do when you find a Leaky Pipe in your house?

Have you found a leaky pipe on your property? Leaking pipes is one of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners often encounter. Leaking pipes are the only plumbing problem that needs immediate attention and repair. Failing to provide immediate repair services, leaking pipes can wreak havoc on your property. It can not only damage your entire property but also end up costing you a fortune. 

Leaky Pipes

Do you want your property to be affected by leaking pipes? Of course not, you would not like your property getting damaged due to the leaking pipes. Therefore, you should consider fixing your leaky pipe right away to prevent your space from getting dirty due to the continuous leaking of water.

But the question is, what exactly you need to do when you find a leaky pipe on your property?

Find out if it’s a leak or sweating pipes

Some of the visible signs of a leaky pipe are dampness and discolored spots on the wall. Sometimes, the dampness can also be the result of sweating pipes. Before coming to the conclusion, you need to first identify if the dripping water is due to a leak or sweating pipes. When the cold water in the pipes is exposed to warm and humid air, the moisture builds up outside the pipes. This causes the pipes to sweat. Sweating pipes are easy to fix; all you will need is an insulating tape and a towel. Firstly, dry the pipe with a towel and then, wrap the pipe with the insulating tape. That’s all, you are done. 

Find out where the leak is

If you have found out that the dripping water is not due to sweating pipes, it is possible that there might be a leak in the pipes. Your next step should be finding where the water is leaking from. Start inspecting your pipe from the highest point and follow the dripping water from the pipe. you will eventually find the leak until you reach the end of the pipe. This process is a time-consuming but very effective way to find the leak. 

Turn off the water

Turning off the water is the foremost step when it comes to fixing any plumbing problem. If you forget to turn off the water, your house might get flooded instantly. Therefore, shut-off the main water valve before initiating the process, which is usually where the main water line enters the house. 

Fixing a leaky joint 

Is there a leak in the joint of the pipe? Tighten the joint to fix a leaky joint. If there is a leak in a pipe, you should consider removing the section that has a leak and replace it with a new section. 

Fixing a leaky pipe

Is it a small leak? You can easily fix a small leak by placing a piece of thick rubber tightly with hose clamps. You can also fix a leaky pipe using epoxy putty. Before the application, you should make sure that the pipe is dry.

It is best to leave these tasks to a professional plumber if you are not confident to do so. Contact the Redshaw Plumbing and Drainage team to fix the problem of leaking pipes instantly. 

Leaking Pipes

Don't let leaky pipes damage your property. Get in touch with Redshaw team to fix your leaky pipes.


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